Thursday, January 9, 2014

Let the Pre-Raphelites Inspire You to Recreate the Romance of the Classical Myths

Do you know who the Pre-Raphelites were?

They were a group, generally cited at about seven main members, of English painters, photographers, poets, and critics in the mid-19th century who wanted to return to a artistic world full detail, vivid color, and complex opera. Though normally identified as a brotherhood, there were a number of female members - most poets. And, the best part about them... they loved romance of the classical period. They created some of the most interesting, beautiful and intriguing works of art and literature.

Below are some examples which have inspired me. Hopefully, you too can find some inspiration in the depths of this frigid and bleary winter.

JW Waterhouse, Hylas and Nymphs

Herbert Draper, Calypso's Isle

Edward John Poynter, Andromeda

John Roddham Spencer Stanhope, Charon and Psyche

JW Waterhouse, A Mermaid

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Proserpine

Sir Edward Burne Jones, Pan and Psyche

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