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Enslaved by Lust - Episode 1 (Raw)

Related not to Greek or Roman mythology, but to Norse mythology.

Queen Ran, Norse goddess of the deep, prefers her men prepared like a platter of meat--Raw. After casting her magic net into the ocean, she snares quite a catch to sate her sexual pleasures. She is determined to tame the strong-willed Viking using the darkest means of seduction that she can conjure.

Viktor Bjornsson will not go down without a fight. After all, he is a fierce Viking who will not show weakness under any circumstances. In order to save his crew from death, he makes a deal with the infamous Queen Ran. He is escorted to her castle for a sexual feast that no red-blooded Viking could deny. 

Soon the power struggle begins, paving the way to dark desires that seethe within both predator and prey. Join Viktor on his erotic journey filled with passion and fantasy. Who will win the battle of control?

Note to Reader: Raw: Episode I - Enslaved by Lust is the beginning of a four-part series.

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.

Related to Greek mythology... I am, myself, excited to read this one. Sounds interesting, perhaps even good.

When her lover Theseus deserts her on an island, Princess Ariadne of Crete wishes to forget her betrayal-filled past. Dionysus answers her prayers, seducing her with his godly wiles and delivering mind-shattering ecstasy. However, when he reveals that she's his bride as foretold in a prophecy, she has to take a leap of faith, once more leaving her heart vulnerable to another, or live out the rest of her life on the island alone.

Excerpt and description taken from Amazon site.

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