Sunday, December 15, 2013

Writer's Block

Well, I seem to be stuck... hopefully, temporarily.

I still have three more sections of my novella, Eye of the Beholder, to write. I have at least part of the final section written and I like where I'm going with it. But, between Narcissus' section and the end, I have a huge gap! I mean, I know what I want to have happen. I have a summary written out, but can't seem to settle on any good way of starting the section off. I've tried at least five times (yes, I've saved each draft in case I decide to go back and take one of those) and am really unhappy with the direction the words seem to write themselves.

So, what suggestions do you, readers, have for breaking through the writer's block?

I need inspiration or at least an idea.... perhaps some thoughtful words, I don't know. Help me get Erato back on my side!

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