Monday, December 9, 2013

Review for Siren's Secret

So, this isn't exactly mythology-related, in so far as Greek and Roman, but perhaps it's close enough since it does take a bit from various cultures stories on the mermaid. Closest it comes to Greek mythology is the mention of Lily's skill at siren-singing. I could imagine Odysseus falling for a siren like her!

Though I purchased my copy of Debbie Herbert's Siren's Secret from the local pharmacy, you can also find it on Amazon for $3.82.

I should start by mentioning that I don't regularly read Harlequin romances or stories about mermaids, they don't really float my boat, but still felt a tug of interest when I saw the cover.

I loved this book! In two days, I read it entirely - putting aside other books and plans to do so. It is a good read, a paranormal romanctic mystery... basically, crossing a number of genres at once. Ms. Herbert does an awesome job at capturing the reader and keeping her hold on you with the suspense. I mean, who else can totally give away the murderer and yet still have you clinging to the mystery until the end? Also, the romance is believable, as are each character. No one acts out of character or reacts in a surprising way - they are what they are and you decide whether you like them or not. Best of all, Ms. Herbert has a main character with a mental disorder, which is unique. She handles it well and you honestly can't believe no one has written such a character into a romance before.

I can't wait to read Ms. Herbert's next novel and look forward to many more mermaid stories from her.

Absolutely enthralling!

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