Friday, November 29, 2013

Review for Greek Mythology Monster Sex 3-pack

Readers, I'm sure you have found your way here for some reason. In case it's because you enjoy reading mythology-based erotica, if you don't mind, I'd like to share reviews of some the stuff I've read in the genre.

First up, Jane Dashiell's Greek Mythology Monster Sex (3-pack) from Amazon for $4.99.

This is more a collection of three short stories than a book. And, I definitely think she may need to proof-read her works a little better before posting. The stories were riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. However, if you are able to move past that, then read on for my take on her stories.

The first story took a unique and sexual twist on the Minotaur in the maze theme. I loved her description and narrative. I think she could have spent a bit more time on the description of Crete, the maze, and such. She started to describe the environment, really painting a fun picture, but then detoured immediately to the sex. Now, the sex, she described very well. Not too flowery and not so detailed you got grossed out, but just enough to feel the character in the moment. I easily visualized what was happening and it was a definite turn-on. With a little bit of effort, Ms. Dashiell could make this in to quite the novella or novel, even. There is definitely a lot there to work with and her story is unique.

The second story flipped the tale of Perseus, Andromeda, and the Kraken on its head. I have to say, this was my favorite, though not nearly long enough or descriptive enough for me. Wow, what an idea! The Kraken as a sexual beast never even entered my mind, yet I was blown away by the sensuality of it. Oh, and what happens to Perseus... if you are tired of the Rick Riordan-type mythology, you will absolutely love Ms. Dashiell's take on what it means to be heroic! Once again, I think with a little more plot development and more energy spent on the sex would greatly improve this story.

The third story was the longest and best of the three as far as sexual description, building of a picture, and plot, though, it still lacked. Another 10,000 words could have made this story a killer novella. Ms. Dashiell, has a brilliant start, builds strong characters, and develops some plot. I would love to see this story go the distance. Good idea, here.

Overall, I have few complaints on the stories minus some extra time and effort put into the stories. These are wonderful, creative ideas and I would be willing to spend some money to read them - all fleshed out! As to what you get for $4.99 though, she could have done better.

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