Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Idea

I have decided to pursue the never-ending idea. It used to come every few years, then every year, then a couple months a year, then every month, then it just wouldn't go away. If something is that persistent, it really ought to be pursued shouldn't it?

So, here it is:

I'm going to write a series of erotic novellas based on stories from Ovid's Metamorphosis.

I'm sure at least a few of you out there are now just lost. You don't know what the Metamorphosis is or, really, who Ovid is. Well, readers, that's why the gods saw fit to create the Internet. Look it up!

I'm starting with the ones I like best, so if you got one you think would be awesome and think I should consider, great, share, but don't expect me to immediately drop my choices and do yours next. I need order in this chaotic world.

Then, if all goes well, I'm going to write a novel on one of the more complex stories he covers in bits and pieces.

That's it. That's my idea.

You want more details? Sorry. You'll have to read and wait. Then, see.

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