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Friday, November 29, 2013

Review for Greek Mythology Monster Sex 3-pack

Readers, I'm sure you have found your way here for some reason. In case it's because you enjoy reading mythology-based erotica, if you don't mind, I'd like to share reviews of some the stuff I've read in the genre.

First up, Jane Dashiell's Greek Mythology Monster Sex (3-pack) from Amazon for $4.99.

This is more a collection of three short stories than a book. And, I definitely think she may need to proof-read her works a little better before posting. The stories were riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. However, if you are able to move past that, then read on for my take on her stories.

The first story took a unique and sexual twist on the Minotaur in the maze theme. I loved her description and narrative. I think she could have spent a bit more time on the description of Crete, the maze, and such. She started to describe the environment, really painting a fun picture, but then detoured immediately to the sex. Now, the sex, she described very well. Not too flowery and not so detailed you got grossed out, but just enough to feel the character in the moment. I easily visualized what was happening and it was a definite turn-on. With a little bit of effort, Ms. Dashiell could make this in to quite the novella or novel, even. There is definitely a lot there to work with and her story is unique.

The second story flipped the tale of Perseus, Andromeda, and the Kraken on its head. I have to say, this was my favorite, though not nearly long enough or descriptive enough for me. Wow, what an idea! The Kraken as a sexual beast never even entered my mind, yet I was blown away by the sensuality of it. Oh, and what happens to Perseus... if you are tired of the Rick Riordan-type mythology, you will absolutely love Ms. Dashiell's take on what it means to be heroic! Once again, I think with a little more plot development and more energy spent on the sex would greatly improve this story.

The third story was the longest and best of the three as far as sexual description, building of a picture, and plot, though, it still lacked. Another 10,000 words could have made this story a killer novella. Ms. Dashiell, has a brilliant start, builds strong characters, and develops some plot. I would love to see this story go the distance. Good idea, here.

Overall, I have few complaints on the stories minus some extra time and effort put into the stories. These are wonderful, creative ideas and I would be willing to spend some money to read them - all fleshed out! As to what you get for $4.99 though, she could have done better.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Questions for My Readers

So, just a question for my readers:

What are your thoughts on the length (in word count or pages) of a short story? a novella? a novel?

Do you know what a novella is? What comes to mind when you hear that word?

Finally, what book covers do you like the most and why?

Thanks for your input!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eye of the Beholder, an erotic retelling of Echo & Narcissus - PROLOGUE

My first novella, currently in progress. I'll let you know when it's done, but for now, enjoy what I've already got...

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

Warning: Explicit sex. Threesome. Masturbation. Bisexual. Voyeurism.

The Prologue

“Zeus, that tickles!” the three nymphs giggled as the lord of gods, himself, continued suckling the brunette’s breast before him, her other nipple still red and distended from the same earlier attention. His fingers, too, were busy. They pinched and pulled, flicked and circled a nipple each on the nymphs to his right and left. Both were blondes, though in varying shades. All four bodies floated in the warm spring. The water was not too deep. Just deep enough to allow the well-endowed nymphs’ heaving bosoms to rest gently on the surface of the water. Zeus pulled back from his endeavor to observe just how the water lapped, almost eagerly, under the brunette’s breast, seeming, to his eye to desire to kiss her there, too.
I sat on a low branch across and above the four, my body still quivering from Zeus’ attention not even a half hour prior. As the youngest nymph present at the orgy, I was given the task of watching the road nearby for witnesses. It was an unwelcome task, for anything I saw would undoubtedly end the debauchery we were all enjoying so much.
“Tickles, does it? I don’t intend to tickle,” Zeus replied, his voice filled with laughter. His hands left the breasts of the two blondes and began a slow, tender caress – a tickling caress – down the sides of quaking ribs, across toned and flaring hips, to settle and sift through the fine downy hair between the nymph’s legs. “I tease. I reward.” The brunette’s gaze traveled from golden thatch to golden thatch. Her pupils dilated and her pink tongue darted out to swipe a quick, wet path across her lips. Zeus took advantage of her interest and leaned forward to capture her lips between his. His tongue stroked along her lips, just as her tongue had done, and she opened in response. He took her then, quickly, and without hesitation. His tongue foreshadowing his true intentions. While he plundered the brunette’s mouth, his thumbs eagerly and unerringly found each blonde’s nub of flesh where pleasure resides and began to torture. He pulled away from the kiss with a groan. “I pleasure.”
Watching the nymphs, envying them their inevitable climax, I forgot my task. My own fingers traced a trail from my lips, down to the throbbing of my pulse where my shoulder and neck met, down to pinch and pull at one nipple, then the other. My breath caught and I felt the pull and pinch down lower, at the crux of my legs. Without my conscient knowledge, my knees fell open and I felt the fresh, warm summer breeze cool the moisture coating my heated nether lips. My chest heaved and I found it hard to focus as I trailed my fingers ever so slowly down to where I needed them most.
One of the blonde nymphs began a low keening, an extended moan of pleasure, and my vision cleared for just a moment as my own fingers suddenly stilled. Zeus’ fingers were now pumping, two at a time, up deep into each of the blondes. His biceps pulsed with the effort. I could just make out his thumb beneath the churning water, no longer toying with her nub, but purposefully pressing it up and down in counter-balance to his thrusting. The noisy blonde was shock still, her toes barely keeping her grounded as she froze in a paroxysm of pleasure. It seemed she forgot to breathe, her breasts upraised, her legs spread wide, her hips thrust down, taking all Zeus gave her. Then, at once, the climax broke free and she slumped over into the water, her whole body shaking, bright pink, flushed with blood.
            At the same time, the silent blonde let loose mute screams as her body writhed and bounced under Zeus’ manhandling. Her bones, it seemed, had melted under the heat of her rising climax and Zeus’ heavy-lidded and deeply sensual glare. Droplets of water, splashed up by her erratic thrashing, pathed down her body, drawing Zeus’ attention. His tongue flicked absently as a particular droplet traced between her breasts and settled in the hollow of her belly. Then, he couldn’t take it more and leaned toward her when another droplet stilled momentarily, temptingly, on the very tip of her nipple. Her tongued it from her, then followed its short track up from the tip across her wide areola to the dip beneath her neck. She moan then, barely audible, and with her hips reaching a crescendo of movement she came. Zeus continued to thrust into her now plump and satisfied womb until she at last settled. Her skin was slick, below water, and covered with a glistening sheen of sweat above.
The brunette watched everything, as I did, one hand playing with her breasts, the other churning beneath the water. With the two blondes satisfied, Zeus’ full desire fell on her. His large hands wrapped around her wrists and pulled her hands free. He put both her wrists in one hand, and then raised them over her head. At the same time, he tipped her forward and closer to him. Backing up slowly, to sit on the edge of a submerged rock ledge, he brought her with him. His knee slipped between hers and he encouraged her to spread her legs wider. She complied. His free hand dipped into the spring’s welcoming moisture and he cupped it as he cupped her sex. The moisture between her legs was just as welcoming. First one finger thrust into her briefly, testing the tightness. Then withdrew. He added another finger and pushed in again. Again, withdrew. With a third finger poised, he thrust fully into her womb. His eyes closed at the sensation and I could see more than hear the deep rumble that escaped his chest. Her head fell back, the tips of her dark hair brushing strokes of passion on the surface of the water. They held this position for what seemed an eternity, all of us in the grove going as still as them. Enraptured.
“Come closer.” Zeus said, at last breaking the silence. He withdrew his fingers slightly, sliding his thumb up as he did so, causing a small tremor to vibrate through the nymph as she followed his order. “Closer. Straddle me.” He withdrew completely and she whimpered with the loss. The hand gripping her wrists released her, too, as he didn’t wait for her to move and, instead, grabbed her knees and lifted her onto the ledge. His hands went to her backside and smoothed over the delicious curve of her bottom as he positioned her perfectly for his uncompromising thrust. His cock took no notice of her primed and sensitive lips as it slid between them. He pulled her down as he pushed up until their bodies sealed the act. He scooted closer, then, to her and rested his forehead between the domes of her chest. Licking the underneath of first one breast and then the other, he slid a hand from her back to her front and into the curly mass of brown hair, which covered her nub. He began a tickling and teasing stroke against her nub as he gently rocked his hips, sending his hardened cock to tickle and tease her inner folds.
The nymph was lost and I wasn’t too far behind her, my own fingers as deep as possible within me. I quickly rubbed my nub with one hand as I slowly pushed in and out of my womb. My inner muscles tightened and gripped my fingers, almost painfully. Warm fluid seeped between my fingers and pooled on the bark beneath me. My breasts reddened with the quick flush of blood as I neared my peak. My eyelids fluttered close… then, I heard it. The startling snap of a twig beneath a leather-slippered foot. I swung my head up and around, my body still poised and primed, toward the sound. She had found us. I recognized her crimson gown anywhere.
Zeus’ head lifted at my whisper and sought me out. His hips never ceased their gentle motion and the nymph atop him started to pant with the pressure he was building in her. He nodded at me. I felt my body blush then, not with the climax that had now fled, but with shame at what I now had to do. Falling gently to the ground, I gave one fleeting glance back at the grove before I started out into the dark forest to stall Hera.
She was a quarter mile down the road, which ran alongside the stream that fed our secret spring. She didn’t smile when she saw me. I could read the anger on her face. She was an intimidating woman; the queen of the gods, on a good day and this was obviously not a good day. My body threatened to tremble under her direct gaze and I fought the urge to try and cover my naked body. She chilled me.
            “Nymph, you better have something I want to hear or this is not going to go well for you.” Hera was not a subtle woman.
            “Queen, I am here to serve you, as we all are.” I lowered my head and gaze in a mock curtsy to her station.
            “Yes, so you remind me. But, come now, nymph, you want me to believe you. You smell of debauchery, of sex… you smell of him.” Her sneer turned her stark and harshly beautiful face pure wrath.
            “Queen, I will not lie,” well, at least I would try not to lie, too much, I told myself, “to you. Zeus, lord of the gods, was here earlier. We, nymphs, tried to hide from him. But, as you know, we aren’t very subtle.” I tittered a little at that. What an understatement. It was Zeus’ work, the castration of his own father, which created us. As his father’s seed rained to Mother Earth, she covered it with her own fertile soil and from each drop was born a nymph within the life-force of a living tree. As soon as we matured, we stepped forth from our trees and followed our mother’s path. We spread fertility across the lands. Subtlety was not an inherent aspect of creation and birth. The god Priapus was proof of that. His erect and engorged rod made my nub enflame just in recollection. “But, it was not to be. He stayed only for a short time. We didn’t even have the time to, well, you know… Anyways, we were so despondent after his absence that when the satyrs happened by we didn’t have the heart to flee. It was easy pickings, Queen. I found myself beset by two of the horny beasts. They handled me quite rudely, thrusting-
            “That’s enough. I don’t need the details.”
            “Yes, Queen.” I responded demurely.
            “So, you are telling me my husband was here, but left a while ago? At least long enough for you and your sisters to have found pleasure in the satyrs? You expect me to believe that? My husband has never been known to rush off to other adventures when free and welcome pussy is nearby.”
            “Io, you mean?”
Hera stopped cold in the road. She did not speak at first. Her jaw clenched and I heard the unmistakable crunch of grinding teeth. “Yes, her, for one. The heifer.” The words were spit out more than spoken and I remembered Zeus’ words to me as he lay on top of my humming body following my rather noisy orgasm: Use her anger against her. She cannot think clearly when ire fills her eyes, heart, and voice.
“He seduced her in your temple, wasn’t it?” Foolhardy, yes. Dangerous, yes. A little exciting, hell yes. If I could pull this off, I knew Zeus would reward me. My mind blanked for an instant when I considered just how he might reward me. Wetness coated the inside of my thighs.
“You are young, nymph, and very pretty. Shame about your intelligence, though,” Hera noted, her voice gentled, but everything else about her reeking of fury. She took a step forward, shook in the effort, then forced herself to relax a bit and continued on the path. I trailed her like a puppy. Yapping and whimpering on as I went.
As we neared the edge of the forest, the path forked and again Hera stopped. But, this time it was in confusion. I opened my pert mouth to encourage her return to Olympus, where no doubt she’d find her husband, when suddenly a scream reached our ears. There are many types of screams in this world. And, hearing this one, both Hera and I knew which type this was. Ecstasy. Her dark eyes spun around and leveled on me in an instant. I was frozen to the spot as I felt electrified energy crackle and burst within. My soul, itself, was aflame.
            “Queen,” was all I managed to squeak out.
            “He sent you to distract me?”  Her outrage was righteous, sadly for me. “Your incessant chatter…”
            “Don’t dare speak to me, now, nymph. Don’t offer apologies. You are one in a long line sent on that fool’s errand. But,” and here she turned away with a flick of her wrist, “you will be the last.” I had pushed too hard, built up too much rage within her soul and now I knew the punishment would be far worse than the imagined pleasure I was hoping for. Zeus’ hedonism was nothing against Hera’s wrath.
            I felt a deep breath force its way out of my chest through my stilled mouth. A hissing, harsh breath. And, with it, my voice.
            “No more of your words, now. Only… echoes, nymph.” Hera’s voice carried to my ears as her form faded and disappeared before my eyes.
            I was left, speechless.

Link to next part.

My Idea

I have decided to pursue the never-ending idea. It used to come every few years, then every year, then a couple months a year, then every month, then it just wouldn't go away. If something is that persistent, it really ought to be pursued shouldn't it?

So, here it is:

I'm going to write a series of erotic novellas based on stories from Ovid's Metamorphosis.

I'm sure at least a few of you out there are now just lost. You don't know what the Metamorphosis is or, really, who Ovid is. Well, readers, that's why the gods saw fit to create the Internet. Look it up!

I'm starting with the ones I like best, so if you got one you think would be awesome and think I should consider, great, share, but don't expect me to immediately drop my choices and do yours next. I need order in this chaotic world.

Then, if all goes well, I'm going to write a novel on one of the more complex stories he covers in bits and pieces.

That's it. That's my idea.

You want more details? Sorry. You'll have to read and wait. Then, see.


My real name is not important. My pen name is. So, call me Elly Green.

I have always wanted to pursue writing - whether professionally, on the side, or just personally. Doesn't really matter how. I've had plenty of ideas, just not enough interest in any of them to get started. Well, that was then and this is now. Now, I have the ideas. But they are so much more than that. I have plans!

I love Greek and Roman mythology. Not in the same way as millions of teens now feel about Rick Riordan and his Percy Jackson novels - yes, I have read them and yes, I did love them - but, in a far more adult way. I love the details behind the myths: the dirt and grime, the despair, and the sex. Always the sex. What imaginations those ancients had! I love the many varieties of sexual themes played out in the safety of mythology. If you can't explore and push boundaries in religion, honestly, where can you?

So, I am setting out on my own (sort of, I did get these ideas, at least in part, from Ovid, the genius) and I'm writing. I try to spend at least five hours a week writing. Some of it is good and some of it is bad, but hey, I'm writing, so there is that!

Here, I plan to share my works in progress. As well as other ramblings related to my writing.

But, before we begin.... there are some disclaimers and warnings!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

Warming: My stories have sex. Not just normal sex, either. It is explicit and it is various in its positions and themes. If you don't want to read it, I suggest you go elsewhere.

Lastly, I don't suffer plagiarizers well. This is my work. Go write your own!

I love comments. I like them better when they are kind and nice, but I do read the negative ones, too, and take to heart the suggestions.

Well, that's all I got write (see that) now... read on!